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Behind the Scenes: Cavani Quartet Collaboration

Go behind the scenes with Mercyhurst faculty members Dan Burke, Mark Santillano and Dr. Albert Glinsky as they work on their collaboration project with the Cavani String Quartet.

Watch the full video the Cavani String Quartet performance

Black and Whites

Recent black and white studies in ink, acrylic, or oil on paper or canvas. Large scale, 6 to 10 foot range.

Families Installation

A large scale installation proposal.


Cut out plywoods, usually 48 x 24 x ¼ inch. Currently have about 40 of them. Negative areas (cut outs) are used in my paintings.

Low Relief Paintings

Assembled and painted mixed media works using acrylic and oil. Usually in the four to five foot range, about 1 inch in relief, and framed under plexiglass.

Outdoor Installations

Life size plywood cut outs painted in oil or acrylic. Installed only until documented.

Recent Shows and Displays

Various shots of installed exhibits since 2008.


Supportive works, usually on small panels in the 1 to 2 foot range, and done in acrylic or oil.

Wall Reliefs

Assemblages usually in 6 foot size range, 6 to 12 inches in depth.

Wall Works

Various individual wall installations and displays.